Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mushroom Scramble Egg on Toast

Perfect Nutritious Breakfast for One


Bread/ Baguette       2 Slices
Egg                          1
Mushroom               2

Black Pepper/ Shredded Broccoli   Pinch
Milk                            1Tbsp    


1) Toast bread on frying pan on both side. Set aside.
2) Beat egg, added in shredded broccoli, add 1Tbsp of water or milk
3) Add 1tsp cooking oil in frying pan over low heat, pour egg mixture, keep stirring using a wooden spoon until egg started to coagulate/ become hard.
4) Sliced mushroom, pan fried mushroom over low heat until its soft.
5) Assemble eggs, mushroom on toast.
6) Move whole sandwich over on pan over low hear, covered with a lid and heat for about 3 minutes.
7) Remove from pan, sprinkle black pepper over for flavouring.@