Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Apple Crumble Pie

 Prep time: 15mins (using store bought pastry)
 Prep time: 25 mins with 30mins chilling time (home made crust)
 Cooking time: 25 mins  
Makes two 5 inches Pie 


Pastry/ Pie Crust (Store bought) Click here for recipe making pie crust from scratch 
Fuji Apple                        1 
White sugar                      1/8 C/ 25 g
Cinnamon Powder            1 tsp   
Brown Sugar                    1/8 C, 30 g
All Purpose Flour             3/8 C/55g
Rolled Oats                      1/2 C/ 45g
Melted Butter                   55 g
Lemon Juice                     1 Tbsp / 15mL
Icing Sugar & Caramel    For Decor/Finishing


1) Pre-oven to 200C

2) Prepare pie crust ( recipe here), spray thin layer of oil or butter over pie pan, roll over pie pastry on pan pie. Gently use finger to edge off the extra along the side.

3) Use a fork to poke the surface of pie crust to allow air escape when baking. Bake for 5 mins.

4) Prepare apple fillings. Dice half of peeled apple, mix with cinnamon powder and white sugar. Spoon them over onto the pie crust, leave centre empty to fill the apple flower later on. 

5) Prepare Crumble. In a mixing bowl, mix oats, brown sugar, cinnamon powder and flour. Stir in melted butter. Mix well, when mixture starts to crumb together. Sprinkle on the edge of the tarts on top of diced apple.

6) Bake for 20 mins in 150C till golden brown. (Adjusting to lower temp, will allow the topping get the crispy and crunchy texture without burning it.) If you have any leftover crumble, toss in banking sheet and bake till golden, and insert into the center of the apple rose which will be making next.

7) Prepare apple flower. Use another half of the apple (leave skin on) cut into very thin slices. Soak apple slices in hot water and lemon juices to soften for about 8-10 minutes. (If you are running out of time, microwave it for 20 sec, however, the red colour of apple skin will fade out.) Lay slices on a cutting board, staring with one slice, put another slice on top of the first slice, overlapping half of the first slice, continue laying about six slices on top. Gently roll overlapping apple slices from the first slice to the end, to create a flower. Put it into the centre of crust when crust is done. 

8) Dust icing sugar on top, and drizzle caramel sauce over surface! Serve hot!